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Our Ingredients


Our canning season depends entirely on our local farming season. By sourcing our produce within 150 miles of our farmstead, we allow Mother Nature to balance our palates from year to year. If blackberries are sweet one season, and sour the next, you will be able to taste it in our jam; this gives natural dimension to our flavors. We always process fruit when it is fresh, never frozen, in hopes you can taste the essence of the season. We strive to support farms that have the same passion and ethics for growing fruit as we do. What we can't source local, we buy organic. Currently those ingredients are: sugar, cracked pepper, dried rose hips. We are proud to announce that we are using Natalie's Fresh Lemon juice from Florida, to cut down on our carbon "food print".

Our Process


​Using the freshest fruit possible, we process all of our fruit spreads in copper pots. Each jar is hand filled, labeled, and seal tested to ensure the highest quality. At the end of the day, we want you to taste the flavors of the season and the honesty of our product.   

"You can learn the technique, but passion is cultivated through dedication, love, pride and respect in your work"

- piero bambi -

Ashlie & Andrew


Our vision started a few years ago, when Andrew bought this property and Ashe` Spring Farm was born. Each year we work a little harder and get a little closer to seeing it come together.  We are in the process of creating a homestead which both teaches us about self sustainability and supports our entrepreneurial goals.  In the future, Ashe` Spring will  become one of the main sources of fruit for Pick & Preserve. As of now, we grow the majority of the strawberries and black raspberries used in our products. 

We also know that we can't do it all ourselves, and are excited to work with and support local farms and the abundance of resources we have in the area. We strive to work closely with, and get to know, each farmer that grows the beautiful produce we use. We want to keep the business small and stick to our convictions of having an honest, transparent product that is truly seasonal. We feel that these concepts are what will set us apart from the rest.



akromis@pickandpreserve.com / BARNDARDSVILE, NC

We love hearing from our customers and farmers.. We try to respond to emails and inquiries within 48 hours. 

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